Spec. work for BMW to reposition their brand aesthetic using tech to discover the heart of the machine.

A BMW is built from the heart. Every reflection, kink and line triggers a feeling that breathes emotion into every drive. This is a journey to discover why BMW’s are BMW’s. Why they look the way they look. And the reason for their very being. Let’s find the Heart of the Machine.


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

There is a machine,

In which every curve,




And line,

Is charged with emotion.

Spine tingles.

Dilated pupils.

Beads of sweat.

This is what it is to create a BMW.

Metal, glass, rubber, wood.

And soul.

Welcome to the Heart of the Machine.

Imagine getting under the skin of every single BMW feature to discover how it came to be.

This idea embraces tablet technology and unlocks the Heart of the Machine when you hold your iPad up to the car’s features.

Push away into the past.

Or pull towards you into the future to reveal layers of inspiring content.

Now imagine this across every single platform.

TV adverts that let you dive deeper.

Print that lets you go further bringing you face to face with the designers, features and technology.

Social that unveils what’s happening right now.

Every feature is a beat.

And every platform beats from the Heart of the Machine.

BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine.

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